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Wisconsin Budget Adjustment Bill Passes Assembly

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Protests begin outside of the Wisconsin State Capitol

After more than sixty straight hours of debate and two weeks of massive protests and controversy, the Wisconsin State Assembly voted 51-17 to pass the 2011 Budget Adjustment Bill this week.  Again, without getting into any conflicts of interest, I only mention this given the national attention it has generated.  Plus, I blame the longer hours I needed to work during this fiasco as my reason for not posting to my blog in over a week.

I also wanted to mention that a good friend of mine as well as a fellow blogger and legislative staffer, attended the counter-rally organized by the Tea Party in Madison last Saturday.  Between the union protesters and the Tea Party counter-protesters who attended, there were about 70,000 people surrounding the Capitol in one of the largest stand-offs in Madison’s history.  After spending the day at the Capitol, my friend uploaded a few pictures onto his blog, The TrogloPundit, some of which were “tame” and appropriate; others of which showcased “creativity’s” angry side (caution: explicit content featured).  Yet, despite the content featured on a number of these signs featured in my friend’s photos, the unions are urging Governor Walker and the Legislature to “negotiate” with them…

Hmmmm… if you were confronted by someone carrying a sign with your picture featured within crosshairs or a slogan comparing you to one of history’s most notorious dictators who murdered millions of innocent people, would you be willing to sit down at the negotiating table with them?

The Teamsters were among the unions protesting at the Capitol


The Capitol Rotunda after two weeks of protests


Written by Stephanie

February 26, 2011 at 10:33 pm