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Welcome to my exciting political blog! I’ve created this blog partially in order to earn a good grade in a journalism class for which this is required and as an arena for, well, politics. It also dawned on me yet again that we are in the 21st century and, therefore, it was probably time for me to FINALLY join the blogosphere.

I have nearly a decade of experience working in politics, particularly in the areas of campaigning, public opinion polling, and policymaking. Thus, these will be the focus of my posts as well as how the media plays into the political arena. As I continue working full-time as a legislative aide, I am also pursuing a Masters degree in journalism with a focus on political communication.

My interest in politics developed throughout my childhood while growing up in a military family with five generations of service to the United States, dating back to the Civil War. More recently, my father served two tours of the Vietnam War and my younger brother served two tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom. They are both recipients of the Purple Heart. I was inspired by my family members and their fellow American heroes to devote my life to serving my country one day as well, but moreso on the battlefield of American politics and now communications.

I think that summarizes who I am and why chose to start a blog about politics! Check back for new posts, discussions, and other random, interesting items I can think of that would add a little more glitz and glam to this blog. Thanks for visiting!


Written by Stephanie

February 4, 2010 at 1:54 am

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